The Project

Implementation Steps

Research and Review:

Immunization coverage, culture and attitudes
Immunization practices
Best practices and missed opportunities
As a first step the PROMOVAX project will investigate the origin, demographics as well as information in regards to immunization coverage, culture and attitude towards immunizations among the major ethnicities migrating in the European countries. Subsequently, it will review migrant immunization practices in different European countries by reaching all involved parties, Governments (particularly migrant admitting authorities), NGOs providing migrant care and international organizations. PROMOVAX will also identify best practices as well as missed opportunities and gaps in migrant immunizations.

Development of Toolkits:

For health professionals
For immigrants
Based on the research and the designed methodology, a tool kit including information on immunization schedules in migrant countries and other resources will be developed to be used by health professional caring for migrants.

Immunization promotion material for migrants will also be developed in the format of a handbook. This will include lay information on immunizations and will be created in a linguistically and culturally appropriate manner, with the contribution of health communicators, cultural mediators and migrant leaders.

The PROMOVAX Project has received funding from the European Union / DG Health and Consumer Protection.
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