The Project

Target Groups & Definitions

PROMOVAX project targets 3 groups:

1. Documented migrant population in the countries of the European Union.
Documented migrants are considered people whose entry, residence and where relevant employment in a host or transit country has been recognized and authorized by the official State authorities.
PROMOVAX also aims to use migrants’ social networks, such as religious, other type of gatherings, cafeterias, settlements, and migrant press, through which both documented and undocumented migrants can be reached. Therefore, it is expected that through spillover effects (involvement of NGOs, social care workers, migrant press etc) this project will reach undocumented migrants as well.

2. Health care workers and other care givers providing for migrants in the European countries.

3. Policy makers in an effort to promote immunizations among migrant populations in Europe.

The PROMOVAX Project has received funding from the European Union / DG Health and Consumer Protection.
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